Regoch Web
Regoch Web is a single page application framework. Lightweight, quick development and very fast runtime.
Regoch Mob
Regoch framework for the mobile applications based on the Regoch Web and Cordova.
Regoch Database
Fast and realtime database based on websockets. Big data storage for search engines.
Websocket Server
Ultra fast Websocket Server with builtin JS framework for creating real-time, complex apps. The library is made for NodeJS according to RFC6455 Standard for websocket version 13. Very clean code with straightforward logic and no npm dependencies.
Websocket Clients
Websocket clients for different environments: browser, nodejs, angular etc. The clients works best with the Regoch Websocket Server. Optimised and powerful libraries made according to RFC6455 Standard for websocket version 13.
Regoch Router
A router library for the client and server side programming. It's created in pure and modern javascript.

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